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Thank You

Thank You All!!!

It’s been a great run, but it’s time for us to stop hosting manga scans. I thank you all for supporting this site for this long!

I started my first site in 1997 and created in 1998. It’s now been almost 20 years and I am so thankful for everyone who’s ever visited this site. Want to hear something unbelievable? The total accumulated amount of time browsed on this site from everyone ever is almost 5,000 years!

You guys are really amazing. I’m no dummy, I know there’s been countless manga sites out there but many of you have kept this as your primary reading source!

I relatively haven’t changed the site since 2006 and even though my design and development skills have grown professionally, I still kept this site the way it was. But now it’s time to change. Manga was difficult to come by when I first started showing manga scans; in fact, the majority of series I hosted weren’t even available in English. It’s taken a while, but like how the music industry changed multiple times, I feel the manga graphic novel industry has changed and there are legal ways to read what you want. And for the series that still aren’t licensed, you can read them on countless cookie-cutter manga sites out there that get in legal trouble and close, only to reopen looking basically the same but at a new address.

I love Spectrum Nexus too much to just close shop and re-open under another name like those other manga sites. While manga scans is what brought the majority of you guys here, I feel we’ve created something (yes all of us) that we can build upon. I’m going to try to just that! I hope you guys will continue to stay active on homepage and in the weeks to come I would like to re-invent this site.

Once again, thank you all for your support. I’m just blown away; 5,000 years accumulated of browsing this site. As a 13 year old creating his first site to 20 years later, I’m still just as excited at creating websites as I ever have been. But this is and will always be my main priority and it’ll be my duty to reinvent it and make it worth visiting. So don’t be a stranger and please keep visiting for another 20 years!


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